Technology Licensing

LiquiXR ®

Making a Difference in People’s Lives

LiquiXR ® technology underpins more than a dozen products/programs and is the foundation of Tris’ standalone licensing business. To learn more about licensing technology based products, E-mail


LiquiXR is a particulate-based technology in which millions of small (about 100 microns) particles deliver the drug over time. Drug particles are complexed, then coated with an extremely robust and flexible particle coating. The resulting particles are highly durable and can be incorporated into dosage forms typically associated with immediate release, converting them to extended release. LiquiXR formulations include suspensions, chewable tablets, film strips, and orally disintegrating tablets (ODTs).

The platform has been validated by the FDA as there are multiple approved LiquiXR products, including the first-ever approved 24-hour extended-release oral liquid and first-ever extended-release chewable tablet.

Key Benefits of LiquiXR

  • Customized release — desired sustained-release profiles for up to 24 hours
  • Dose titration — LiquiXR liquid formulations are the controlled-release technology to allow for dose titration of individual patient regimen
  • Target population — ideal for pediatric and geriatric populations or patients who have difficulty swallowing tablets or capsules, including nasogastric administration for the severely ill
  • Taste masking — sustained-release coating provides taste masking of drug
  • Pleasant mouth feel — very fine particles provide a non-gritty, pleasant mouth feel
  • Can be used for combination drugs — two or more drugs
  • Complex proprietary technology — a potent barrier to competition; virtually every other extended-release, solid-dose “pill” specifically says, “do not chew or crush” because it causes dose dumping
  • Aqueous-based coating — non-solvent coating provides for excellent product integrity and regulatory acceptance
  • Manufacturing infrastructure — cGMP-compliant manufacturing capability
  • Easily transportable — chewable tablets, like other tablets, are easy to transport; can be packaged as unit dose and easily kept in patient’s wallet or purse – great for PRN (as-needed) medications
  • Swallowing without chewing does not change release characteristics
  • Coating film integrity — our proprietary flexible-coating technology does not allow breakage of film coating under high compression forces during tableting
  • Easy to manufacture
  • Proprietary drug delivery technology